If you and your friends are looking for a fun and relaxing holiday on the beach, than Bora Bora beach Club is the perfect place for you. You can rent umbrellas and lounge chairs, our beach equipment affords everyone maximum comfort and efficency. Our chairs and umbrellas can be easily moved to allow for the perfect combination of sun and shade.


    For the ones who love to have lunch on the beach, we offer a complete menu just for you so you can eat at the beach comfortably. Service includes complete menus for lunch by the sea, from appetizers to desserts and drinks. All specially prepared by Bora Bora’s kitchen to offer fresh and tasty dishes.


    A wide selction of beach sport activities are available, from the traditional beach volley and ping pong tournaments to paddle surf, pedalos, mono and twin-seated kayak. For the most romantic, holding hands facing eachother at the sunset will be simply fabulous at Bora Bora.


    Three different atmosphere at the Bora Bora; choose between the Seaside, the Pizzeria and the Terrace.
    In winter we have an inside restaurant with a specific menu. Now book your table!

    Call us +34.952789100 or register online form

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